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PK&QP Prom King & Queen Productions 

Art and Music are synonymous entities which define Trevor Fox's production endeavors with co-creator Aura Dynamo Fox.  

This 'creation station' is where passion projects are explored, expressed and fully realized creatively through various mediums. 

To innovate, educate, entertain and inspire are the agendas within this suite.  

DJ Trevor Fox and host Tyrone Lowe of 'The Legends' engage in discussion about his classic club history and music.

AURRAYA Model TF82-2017
Aurraya Model TF82-2017
Aurraya Model TF82-2017

Vinyl Paradise Tribute. featuring 'Music' by One Way with Al Hudson and Alicia Myers

Trevor Fox's Customization Project; Technics 1100 (snibbet)

Mixed media - steel, acrylic glass, acrylic paint, chrome, rubber, nylon, electronics, 

Visit  for more of DJ Trevor Fox's classic dance music mixes. 


Visit  for more of Aura Dynamo's  'Vinyl Talk!'  podcast episodes.

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