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Created by Trevor Fox, The Playground™ challenges the current club culture status quo by playing classic dance music in a captivating, exciting and innovative way.  Trevor's dedication and creativity ensures you will not have a 'random party'.  


 Visually and sonically,  we curate spectacular memories.


Trevor deeply enjoys playing classic dance hits to diverse, eclectic audiences of all ages, genders,  ethnic groups and cultures.  Whether DJ'ing an event  for a well versed crowd or introducing newcomers to exceptionally created music.  His dance music repertoire spans the late 60's, 70's and part of the 80's into early 90's.  He understands the complex compositions within the music itself and has a healthy respect for soul, funk, disco/classic dance songs that are in their purest timeless form. 


Although the global interruption of Covid 19 has temporarily changed the private and public party nightlife scenes, Trevor Fox and The Playground™ have creatively risen to this unique challenge to accommodate virtual events. With state of the art visual effects, viewers can see  full screen, photographs, messages, company logos and customizable graphics for private  events.

Choosing The Playground™ will undoubtedly make your event a 'next level' interactive experience.

"I feel that a great  dance music party should  not only consist of high fidelity quality.  This is a major component with any  Playground event.  However, it should also  incorporate stunning visuals (scene lighting, projections, playground/disco themes) that conjure a nostalgic feeling of a 'one of a kind' or 'back in the day'  fun on the dance floor. It's always a lively, complete classic dance music experience with an exciting high tech twist."


Encompassing all of these elements is what

The Playground™ is all about.


"To create memories for clients  is always a fantastic experience.  It's this level of joy that truly makes me go that extra mile to give it that personal  Playground touch."


Trevor Fox ~  Classic Dance/Disco Music DJ Aficionado, Lighting Designer and Projection Specialist of

The Playground


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