Corporate Events


Holiday Parties

Festivals and Fairs

Classic Dance Music  Club Events*

Birthday Extravaganzas (ranging from fiesta 40th birthday celebrations; to savvy 70th's and beyond because our beloved elders want to boogie too!)   

Private Classic Disco Themed Soirees    

...just to name a few types of affairs we curate.  


From start to finish, The Playground is here to facilitate fun throughout your event experience. 



Creating an exciting dance music experience should be fun!

DJ Sound Reinforcement Specs

We can customize our sound to fit your event.


Whether it's a intimate gathering of  80+ or a mega party of 500+, this top notch, professional audio sound will rock the crowd and make your event amazing!



















M Entertainment Event Lighting


Led Pixel Tube Lighting

Vizi Spot moving head units 

Ultra Violet Cannon fixtures

Various Lazer fixtures

Par can uplighting 

Mobile Trusses

Confetti cannon


Note:  required  advance consultation and assessment of event spaces ensure optimum illumination results.


Fog/hazer machines upon request*

Note:  Certain facilities may have fire alarms that are sensitive to fog and hazer machine equipment.  We cannot fulfill any requests nor be held liable for any issues that may occur due to the usage of fog and/or hazer without written clearance from the facility management of your venue location.














VJ Media Graphic Projection: 

High definition video projectors* 

Adobe After Effects 

Cinema 4D Studio 

Resolume Arena  

Bring your event to the next level! Surprise and stun your guests with fantastic visuals throughout.  We’ll map your content using the assessed specifications within the venue space.  Then we'll use  high-powered HD projectors to make the event space itself appear to come alive.   Advertise, entertain, inspire or suspend belief. Whatever you choose to do, we have the skill to make it happen.


Note:  required  advance consultation and assessment of event spaces ensure optimum projection results.